6 Years Old Girl Made The Crowd Go Wild When She Started Dancing. Pay Attention To The One In The Middle!

6 Years Old Girl Made The Crowd Go Wild When She Started Dancing! - Joahnna Colon is just six years of age, yet knows how to entertain a group giving them a move they will recollect for quite a while. Her cheeky execution of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" was performed at a recount in North Carolina. Little Johanna has been taking move lesson's since she was two years of age. This was their first execution of this specific move in front of more than 400 individuals.

Everybody in the group began to look all starry eyed at and Johanna introduced all to get an overwhelming applause. Her Mother said she honed hard and was continually requesting that she play the melody. Obviously Johanna didn't know anything about Aretha, yet when she found out about her from her Mother she said, "Goodness, she's got a great deal of backtalk!" "Respect" turned into a hit for Aretha in 1967 and is number five on Rolling Stone's Rundown of the five hundred biggest melodies ever. Johanna would like to be a famous dance specialist one day, and on the off chance that she keeps up, it would seem that she's well on her way. 


Source: Faithtap.com

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