Elderly Women Starts A Few Dance Steps In A Mall Square. What Happens Next Will Fascinate You…

I don’t think that I’m quite capable to explain it, but I feel (always have) that there’s something very special in the way the elderly people are doing things. Especially those things that are usually done by younger men and women, or rather, we are used to watch younger folks as they’re doing the activity that’s in question. And I believe that this comes exactly as a result of that ‘unexplainable reason’ – people love & enjoy watching senior citizens act in a certain way!

What we have here, in the following video, is quite a fascinating footage that comes from Auckland, New Zealand, where a group of elderly people (mainly women, and a few ‘occasional’ men), aged between 65 and 96 years old, are dancing to the song “Feelin’ Good, Ooh La La” by The DNC.

So, have a look at the video, and you’ll see just how fascinating the whole scene is! Thumbs up for these brave grannies!

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