Find Out Why He Makes His Burgers Look Like Donuts! This One Will Definitely Bring Water To Your Mouth!

Rather than just throw your ground beef on the grill, try this technique next time you cook up some burgers. These guys are the kings when it comes to grilling and they transform ordinary burgers into ‘stuffed donut burgers’ that are simply amazing! 

The usual routine is to pile high all your burger toppings along with cheese after your done grilling. But these guys cut a hole in the burger and stuff the toppings in the center. This way you are able to really enjoy your toppings, rather than have half of them fall out the side because they are piled so high.

Get all your toppings ready. Don’t forget the bacon! Now start making your patties. Season up your beef then roll it into a ball, press into a patty, the cut out a circle on the inside using a jar.

Use a cast-iron skillet and after a few minutes flip it over. Now, once it’s flipped, you stuff your toppings in the donut hole.

After a few minutes throw your cheese on top. Toss the grill lid on and allow to melt. Grab a bun and stick your patty in between and you are set! You can also make double patties this way as well.

This method will absolutely blow your backyard grilling guests away! So delicious!

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